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Katz MMA now Fight Sports Centre (Gym Review 4)- Brendon Katz, Igeu Kabesa

by Slip and Rip on November 6, 2016 No comments


On Saturday 05 November we took advantage of a great opportunity to get some training under the guise of some of the countries best MMA practitioners in the shape of Brendon Katz and his team, which now also consists of EFC undefeated Featherweight champion and wrestling phenom Igeu Kabesa. Katz is a South African MMA stalwart that has been around since the inception of the sport in the mainstream. He has 14 professional MMA fights with 12 of those in the EFC, he is considered to have some of the most lethal boxing skills in his division, and has been trained by legends in South African Combat sport. Igeu Kabesa is the Undefeated Featherweight  champion of the EFC, with a current record of 7-0. He has torn through the EFC roster in emphatic fashion, with a very notable win over Peter Queally of Ireland, who is a main training partner of ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor. Kabesa is also a 14-time national wrestling champion, adding a great dimension to the gym. Both these men are extreme experts of the MMA game with a wealth knowledge being shared at the Fight Sports centre.


The new home of Katz MMA, now known as Fight Sports centre, was launched on Saturday 05 November 2016. It was an open house invitation and all were invited. Although it wasn’t our traditional gym review format it was an opportunity we could not miss. The Fight Sports centres new home is on the historic Grant avenue in Norwood and is in the former home of Du Randt’s boxing gym. The walls of this building have seen some of the countries greatest fight talents through its corridors and this new gym will be no different. When we arrived we were met with a warm family style gym with people of walks of life in and around the facility. It seemed that they gym was not quite complete yet but it had all the necessities to get a good workout in.


I spent some time observing all the people in the gym and those that were training people as they came in. It became very clear that Brendon has created a team with high knowledge, skills, and great integrity. All those that were training seemed to get individualized attention , while Katz watched over with a keen eye. Igue Kabesa led a small group of people in a wrestling basics masterclass while the floor buzzed with drills and light sparring techniques. I have come to learn by visiting gyms that you can tell a lot about a gym by the members who attend there. I was blown away by the hospitality of some members who were keen to get my gloves on and put me through my paces. The guys showed me the drills they often do and we had some good fun. The guys are definitely of a very high skill level and this is the direct influence of the caliber of their trainers.


The gym itself is nice and spacious which will allow for a great schedule, with a few disciplines and styles bein able to be taught at the same time. The caliber of trainers is of an extremely high level and the location is pretty central for Johannesburg. Fight Sports center also some amazing up and coming Amateur talent that you should keep your eyes on, you can catch these guys in action at Fightstar. This a growing team with an amazing facility, that people should be lining up to train at. There are not too many places where you can find two great champions with different skills training under one facility. I have no doubt that Fight Sports center will be buzzing with new clients as well as racking up some serious silverware in the future. So if you are looking for an ego-free environment where you can learn some serious skills from the best in the business, look no Further than the Fight Sports center, Grant Avenue, Norwood.

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Slip and RipKatz MMA now Fight Sports Centre (Gym Review 4)- Brendon Katz, Igeu Kabesa

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