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In Conversation with the future.We chat to Roedie Roets about his Pro debut

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On Saturday 29 October 2016, Fightstar will open the doors to a new future of MMA in South Africa. Their unofficial talisman Roedie Roets will lead the charge into the new era. Roedie will make his Pro Debut ranked as the Number 1 Amateur lightweight in Nevada, US West, and South Africa. His amateur record reads 10-0-0 and in his last fight won a Gold Medal at the IMMAF international fight week in Las Vegas, he returned home a world champion and is set for a meteoric rise to the top of the MMA chain. The first time we ever met Roedie, it was clear that he was destined for greatness and you got the sense that you were walking with a giant. We truly believe that he is the flag bearer of a new generation of MMA in South Africa, and urge you to get down nd see him in action.

Here is what ‘Relentless’ Roedie Roets had to say:


Photo by Brendon Bishop, sensorpix photography.


1. How did you get into the Sport of MMA?

I grew up as a wrestler and have wrestled my whole life. When my father returned from a tour in America he told me more about MMA and the whole fighting story.My father and I  fell in love with the sport and as time went on we decided to get more involved in the sport.

2. Do you have a favourite strike or submission?

I don’t particularly have a favorite strike or submission but I do like to stick to the basics.

3. Where did you get the nick name ‘Relentless’?

Me and my father had a wrestling tour in the United States of America where we went to the Olympic training center. Once we were there,  on top of the door which you enter the wrestling room stands a saying, “Enter this room with a Relentless sense of urgency” and from there that stuck in my head. I try to do everything Relentlessly, that is my motivation. And my team mates started calling me Relentless and from there it just stuck with me.

4. Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is George St Pierre, he is one of the reasons I started fighting. I grew up watching his fights. I try to be as dominant as him in all aspects. Every fighter out there inspires me, just to be able to step in the cage, ring, mat or any arena is a big challenge and yet everybody does so,that is inspiring to me.

5. What do you think separates you from other fighters?

My training is more intense and my coaching team. We have such skilled coaches whom are excellent in preparing you and teaching the much-needed skills to be able to be your best.

6.Your next Opponent is Ewaldt Botha, you will both be making your Pro Debuts with Fightstar. What advantage do you feel you hold over Ewaldt on the night?

Ewaldt is a good fighter and I do respect his skill set. But I have not come this far by being unprepared. I am prepared to the best of my abilities. Advantages I think will be shown on the night.

7.Did you train anything specific for Ewaldt Botha? Or is you camp just designed on being the best you can be?

I did not prepare for anything specific of his. I am just prepared to the best of my abilities and I hope that gets shown on the night.

8. In essence you are opening the door for the next generation of fighter in so many ways; do you feel any extra pressure heading towards you first Pro Fight night?

I always feel pressure in every way. I have my ways of dealing with it. But no extra pressure, I handle everything as the same.

9. Do you use anyone specific to help with the weight cutting and nutrition? Or do you have your own recipe for success?

Like I said I have the best team, they assist me in my weight cut and nutrition.

10. Fight star chose to travel to your hometown for the first time; do you think being the hometown hero will give you an advantage on fight night?

I think it does. Having my family and supporters there will be very uplifting for me. And I will fight to the best of my abilities to make them proud.

11. For the hometown fans who have never seen you fight, what can they expect?

They can expect an excellent night of fights, each fighter that is participating is great at what they do. In terms of my fight, well it is a fight where anything can happen, so they can expect a great fight.

12. Do you think this is the biggest fight in your career so far?

I do think so. This my first pro fight so I do take it very seriously and hope to be successful at the end of the fight.

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Slip and RipIn Conversation with the future.We chat to Roedie Roets about his Pro debut

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